Artists must fight back against cuts
Will age classifications for music videos work?

My Guardian piece – out today in the paper’s main section – on pop, censorship and why we should be concerned about the age certification pilot for music videos. Contains: FKA twigs, Angel Haze, Nicki Minaj, race politics, raunch, ‘stripper pop’, slut-shaming, queer visibility in film, TV and lit, challenging the swerf lobby [namely, OBJECT]. Special shout-out to Feminists Against Censorship’s Holly Combe for the excellent quote.

Sad to say my sign-off line didn’t make the final edit as it passed through the Guardian’s features desk – despite the commissioning editor telling me it was her favourite part. My ultimate position is this: with 3.5 million UK children living in abject poverty under the Tory gov, austerity is the biggest, most immediate threat to the welfare of our young – not music videos.

So, all told, the answer to the question is no. Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Lily, Lana even Miley and Justin who are “living black” now, they’re not the problem, they’re a symptom of. And to this end, cultural appropriation in pop music doesn’t matter, because with or without it, the bullshit would still exist. BUT, and this is the big question you need to sit down and ask yourself, when you get all worked up defending your fave: when they have so much on their plate and a buffet table of privilege at their disposal, why exactly is it so important for them to eat from everyone else’s plate too?




Protesters upset about the smearing of Mike Brown converged at CNN headquarters.

I am so proud of this oh my GOD

Oh my gosh. This is so important.

When I met Odes…it took me a while to drum up the courage to tell her that she is responsible for my coming to understand that other girls masturbated, too. Somehow, I expected hearing this to be as mind-blowing for her as learning it was for me. But she just smiled and said, matter-of-factly, ‘Honestly, I recognize that as my greatest professional accomplishment, on some level.’ She laughed, then elaborated: ‘To have communicated to girls that they’re normal.’

Officers have tanks now. They have drones. They have automatic rifles, and planes, and helicopters, and they go through military-style boot camp training. It’s a constant complaint from what remains of this country’s civil liberties caucus. Just this last June, the ACLU issued a report on how police departments now possess arsenals in need of a use. Few paid attention, as usually happens.

The worst part of outfitting our police officers as soldiers has been psychological. Give a man access to drones, tanks, and body armor, and he’ll reasonably think that his job isn’t simply to maintain peace, but to eradicate danger. Instead of protecting and serving, police are searching and destroying.

If officers are soldiers, it follows that the neighborhoods they patrol are battlefields. And if they’re working battlefields, it follows that the population is the enemy. And because of correlations, rooted in historical injustice, between crime and income and income and race, the enemy population will consist largely of people of color, and especially of black men. Throughout the country, police officers are capturing, imprisoning, and killing black males at a ridiculous clip, waging a very literal war on people like Michael Brown.”


The media is the 4th branch of the government. it is time to take the media and journalist to task for their wording.


The media is the 4th branch of the government. it is time to take the media and journalist to task for their wording.

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